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Service Region Status Status Remarks Updated(UTC)
Mobile Sync ServiceUnited Kingdom Issue pushing schedules and messages from the ezitracker website to the mobile App is being investigated by our engineers. In some circumstances using the 'Sync Now' option within the App will update app data2016-02-10 03:36:00
Ezitracker Call MonitoringUnited Kingdom No Service Issues.2016-02-08 12:50:00
Ezitracker RosterUnited Kingdom No Service Issues2015-12-03 08:41:00
Ezitracker Web AccessUnited Kingdom No Service Issues2015-11-24 12:25:00
Provider ManagerUnited Kingdom No Service Issues2015-11-24 12:25:00
Reports ManagerUnited Kingdom No Service Issues2015-11-20 01:13:00
Real Time InterfaceUnited Kingdom No Service Issues2015-10-29 12:05:00
BiotouchUnited Kingdom No Service Issues2015-10-22 10:11:00
Ezitracker Scheduled ReportsUnited Kingdom No Service Issues2015-09-21 09:19:00
Codebox SMS/Text Messaging United Kingdom No Service Issues2015-09-10 07:37:00
Ezitracker MobileUnited Kingdom No Service Issues2015-05-01 09:41:00
iButtonUnited Kingdom No Service Issues2015-04-30 05:32:00
Ezitracker AlertsUnited Kingdom No Service Issues2015-04-30 05:07:00

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