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General United Kingdom Notes

Service Region Status Status Remarks Updated(UTC)
Ezitracker RosterUnited Kingdom The Citrix service is now running normally. Our engineers are currently investigating a problem reported by a number of users regarding errors when trying to run Payroll in Roster. Any issues please try to following weblink: 09:09:00
Ezitracker Call MonitoringUnited Kingdom No Service Issues2016-07-24 11:22:00
Ezitracker AlertsUnited Kingdom No Service Issues2016-07-24 11:22:00
Verify DeviceUnited Kingdom No Service Issues2016-03-10 01:20:00
Ezitracker MobileUnited Kingdom No Service Issues2016-03-08 12:22:00
Mobile Sync ServiceUnited Kingdom No Service Issues2016-02-29 10:55:00
Ezitracker Web AccessUnited Kingdom No Service Issues2015-11-24 12:25:00
Provider ManagerUnited Kingdom No Service Issues2015-11-24 12:25:00
Reports ManagerUnited Kingdom No Service Issues2015-11-20 01:13:00
Real Time InterfaceUnited Kingdom No Service Issues2015-10-29 12:05:00
BiotouchUnited Kingdom No Service Issues2015-10-22 11:11:00
Ezitracker Scheduled ReportsUnited Kingdom No Service Issues2015-09-21 10:19:00
Codebox SMS/Text Messaging United Kingdom No Service Issues2015-09-10 08:37:00
iButtonUnited Kingdom No Service Issues2015-04-30 06:32:00

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