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Service Region Status Status Remarks Updated (GMT)
eziTracker Call MonitoringUnited Kingdom Current service issue - unable to login to eziTracker monitor. Engineering are currently working to resolve the issue18/05/2015 12:03:00
eziTracker Scheduled ReportsUnited Kingdom No Service Issues17/05/2015 11:28:00
Provider ManagerUnited Kingdom No Service Issues01/05/2015 09:53:00
eziTracker MobileUnited Kingdom No Service Issues01/05/2015 09:41:00
Reports ManagerUnited Kingdom No Service Issues01/05/2015 09:02:00
iButtonUnited Kingdom No Service Issues30/04/2015 17:32:00
BiotouchUnited Kingdom No service Issues30/04/2015 17:32:00
eziTracker RosterUnited Kingdom No Service Issues30/04/2015 17:08:00
Codebox SMS/Text Messaging United Kingdom No service Issues30/04/2015 17:08:00
AlertsUnited Kingdom No Service Issues30/04/2015 17:07:00
Real Time InterfaceUnited Kingdom No Service Issues.05/09/2014 09:05:00
eziTracker Web AccessUnited Kingdom No Service Issues11/07/2013 08:38:00

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